Removal of contaminants such as asbestos and mold, and the removal and installations and infrastructure components including thermal system insulation, tank insulation, structural fireproofing, duct insulation, floor tile and mastic, Transite panels, transite lab hoods, caulking/glazing, and sheetrock, Winter Environmental’s OSHA-certified professionals can meet the needs of any industrial project. For utility companies, Winter Environmental has experience in project work for some of the largest utility companies in the state of Georgia and has been Georgia Power’s on-call contractor for over 10 years.

Recognizing the need for change and the contraction of many industrial generation, manufacturing and formulating facilities across the nation, Winter Environmental has provided its abatement and select demolition services at many facilities that have undergone partial or complete decontamination and demolition. Working with owners, prime demolition contractors or CM/EPC Firms, Winter Environmental has conducted asbestos abatement at more than 10 Fossil plants and 15 industrial facilities in the past seven years. Our experience includes work on large-scope industrial and utility jobs involving highly intricate work for nationally known clients including AEP; Duke Power; DAK; Southern Company; Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA); SCANA; and, Dominion Power.

In addition to the work performed, attention and a full understanding of the latest updates to governmental regulations on work performed is an absolute must. In the industrial environment, know-how and an understanding of regulated asbestos materials and handling and laws can dramatically lower the risk of costly litigation. The experience that Winter Environmental brings to the table helps to minimize risk while seeing your project through to completion.