Since 1987, Winter Environmental has successfully completed a vast range of environmental projects in virtually every environmentally regulated business sector. Ranging in value from $1,000 to $25,000,000, these projects have included asbestos, lead and mold abatement, dismantling, nuclear decontamination and decommissioning, soil remediation, emergency and disaster response; and other cleanup and site control services.

Strategic Partner

Providing these environmental services in a safe, professional manner is what we do on a daily basis. But we also consider ourselves a strategic partner with every client. We listen. We guide. We advise. And we help you navigate the time-consuming and costly world of environmental projects to keep your project on track and on budget.

Timeline Sensitive

Every project has a critical path and critical components. Fortunately, time management is one of our core strengths. Our vast experience has taught us how to work smart, how to work efficiently and how to work hand-in-hand with other trades to get the job done right.


Winter Environmental is licensed to work on environmental projects in 24 states.  Regardless of the size and scope of your project, our trained and certified team of experts is ready to help.

Abatement & Decontamination

Abatement & Decontamination

Winter Environmental provides abatement and decontamination of structures in the commercial, retail, hospitality, education, government, industrial and healthcare industries. We provide experienced supervision and crews from pre-planning through job completion to ensure a safe working environment for our employees and building occupants. Our services include:
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Lead Abatement
  • Mold Remediation
  • Chemical Decontamination
  • Infection Control Decontamination
  • Contaminated Dust Cleaning
  • Disaster Response
  • Remediation
With over 4,000 successful projects, the Winter Environmental advantage for owners is demonstrated by the following factors:
  • Detailed project and safety planning on every job
  • Recurring project safety inspection by independent safety staff
  • Project Superintendents and Managers average over 20 years in the industry
  • Experience Modification Rating (EMR) and Incident Rates (IR) significantly below the industry average
  • All employees must pass the US Government’s E-Verify system prior to hiring. Winter Environmental does not use any 1099 employees
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Winter Environmental performs select demolition services in conjunction with its asbestos abatement, mold remediation and decontamination services. This capability eliminates the need for clients to contract the two services independently, minimizes subcontract management, improves schedule performance, and eliminates the cost of double mark-ups if one service is subcontracted by another. Further, we have extensive experience with sustainable recycling practices and can adapt a demolition and salvage plan to LEED Certification requirements if needed. Our demolition services include:
  • Process equipment dismantling
  • Product reclamation
  • Material recycling
Winter Environmental has the capability to perform demolition services in hazardous or environmentally challenging settings. This means we can assure that the project will be performed safely and efficiently. Click here for Client list
Nuclear/Radioactive Decontamination

Nuclear/Radioactive Decontamination

The recognition of the aging infrastructure and facilities at nuclear research and operational facilities has created a new market sector where Winter Environmental has identified a need and expanded its capabilities. Experts trained in the decontamination, abatement and remediation of radioactive and nuclear facilities have the experience and capacity to assess and execute work in this field. We also have tried and tested relationships with health physics, RADCON and demolition partners to address simple to large projects.


Winter Environmental specializes in the remediation of contaminated soil, sediment and groundwater problems and the removal of regulated wastes. We can treat contaminated materials on-site or remove them to proper off-site disposal facilities. Our clients are industrial and commercial property owners, potential responsible party groups, environmental consultants, attorneys and lenders. Winter Environmental’s remediation services include:
  • Stabilization of contaminated soils and sediments
  • Removal of contaminated soils, sediments, sludges and debris
  • Construction of on-site treatment systems for contaminated soil
  • Construction of on-site treatment systems for contaminated groundwater
  • Impoundment cleanout and restoration
  • Underground utility replacement/rerouting in contaminated environments
Our remediation experience includes:
  • Federal and State Superfund sites
  • RCRA and TSCA sites
  • State-regulated sites
  • Brownfield projects
  • Voluntary cleanup program sites
  • Active industrial sites
  • Abandoned properties
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Sustainability/LEED certified

Sustainability/LEED certified

Well before the introduction of the LEED building guidelines, Winter Environmental was infusing new life into older buildings. For more than 25 years, Winter Environmental has been actively involved in sustainable design and construction. Today, we are recognized as pioneers in historic adaptive reuse and redevelopment.  As a general contractor, we manage the building process to minimize unnecessary environmental impacts. We apply systems that incorporate our sustainable initiatives by implementing on-site waste remediation, material consolidation, salvaging and recycling. We are dedicated to responsible erosion control measures and environmentally sensitive site preparation. Whenever possible we select or recommend materials and equipment that contribute to the long-term efficiency of the building. In addition, Winter Environmental is actively involved with building decommissioning with many of our third party clients ranging from telecommunication to academic to retail facility owners.
Vapor Intrusion Mitigation System Installation

Vapor Intrusion Mitigation System Installation

Winter Environmental provides vapor intrusion mitigation for Brownfields and environmentally-impaired sites using patented vapor intrusion barriers, which are chemically-resistant materials made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and spray-applied asphaltic latex. These systems are placed between the foundation/slab of the building systems and the soil to eliminate vapor intrusion pathways and stop contaminant vapors from permeating the slab.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Disinfecting Services

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Disinfecting Services

We understand that we, as a nation, culture and people, are dealing with an unprecedented condition that affects each and every one of us and our way of life. We also understand that our business is the business of cleaning environments that have been impacted by contaminants- whether man-made or natural.

For more than 33 years, Winter Environmental has been providing environmental abatement, remediation and decontamination services throughout the southeast and mid-Atlantic United States. From asbestos to PCB’s, and from physical to biological, we have trained and health-monitored management, supervision and workforce to assist you and your organization in cleaning your environs to protect your workers, clients and the general public. As one of the United States Top 200 Environmental Specialty Contractors (As rated by ENR), Winter Environmental has the expertise to support your projects in this challenging time with your facilities cleaning and decontamination.

Winter Environmental is part of The Winter Construction Company. We are an Atlanta-based company with revenues that exceed $230MM. We have top-rated performance metrics regarding safety and project execution, in addition to a $300MM surety line and insurance coverages that are top-rated in the industry.

Reliable and Qualitative Disinfection of  Potential Virus-infected Facilities

Winter Environmental’s full-time trained abatement staff can be relied upon to quickly and efficiently disinfect your facility. Whether performing a high-level disinfection of your entire facility, or a high-touch surfaces cleaning, our professional staff will get in, get the job done, and get out. We have the work force and project management/ leadership team to mitigate Covid-19 concerns at your facility - whether it be an overnight event disinfecting a 1,000 sf/ retail-public facility, or a multi-day deep cleaning of a 1,000,000 sf call-center or distribution facility.

If you are a health care provider with an established Infection Prevention & Control (IP&C) program, then our Infection Control Risk Assessment-trained project management team can work with your safety personnel to document the services performed are compliant with your IP&C.

Trained and Experienced  Personnel

Since Covid-19 is a new virus, prior Covid-19 experience is essentially non-existent. However, as a premier environmental firm providing asbestos, mold, and hazardous material handling and

decontamination services, Winter Environmental’s staff possesses parallel and relevant training and experience. We are uniquely qualified and atypical among industrial cleaning firms in this regard.

Personnel performing Covid-19 disinfection

services will adapt and implement applicable

procedures as appropriate and as found in CDC’s Best Practices for Environmental Cleaning in Healthcare Facilities in Resource -Limited Settings and will further draw upon the following relatable training certifications/experience to safely execute disinfecting services:

• Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA)   Training and 8-hr Refresher

• Hazardous and Infectious Site Cleanup

• OSHA 1910.120 HAZWOPER

• OSHA 1910.1001 Asbestos

• OSHA 1910.1025 Lead

• OSHA 1910.134 Respiratory Protection

Our personnel are capable, trained and accustomed to performing services in high-hazard environments and understand the criticality of following the site-specific health and safety plan developed for each project.

Disinfecting Equipment and Application

Winter Environmental’s 22,000 sf warehouse inventories all types of disinfecting application equipment to include but not limited to respiratory equipment (> N-95 protection factor), HEPA Vacuums for pre-cleaning surfaces to be disinfected, aerosol sprayers for large area fumigation, HEPA negative air machines and scrubbers, and a variety of commercial grade ladders, scaffold and rolling platforms to provide safe access to three-dimensional surfaces at any height. Trailers are pre-stocked at the warehouse for a specific job or facility type with excess key components and materials that allow crews to prosecute the work from beginning to end without delay for resupply.

As a mold abatement firm, Winter Environmental personnel routinely are licensed in a number of states where licensing is required. This licensing, although not required, has provided the training, protocols and authority to appropriately apply biocides, fungicides and virucidal compounds.

Several of the antimicrobial products used for mold abatement by Winter Environmental are also approved for use on emerging envelope viral pathogens and are listed on USEPA’s List N: Registered Antimicrobial Products for Use Against Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the cause of Covid-19.

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Projects by Industry



Since 1987, Winter Environmental has worked in multiple healthcare facilities including general treatment, trauma and assisted care facilities from the Southwest to the Mid-Atlantic United States. At the forefront of all Winter Environmental’s work with healthcare facilities is an understanding of the appreciation of the healthcare environment and how, more than any other industry, it is often necessary for the facility’s operations to be inhibited as little as possible throughout our work. Even the simplest remediation activities including asbestos, lead and mold abatement, construction, and demolition create obvious and understandable concerns for workers and patients alike. The nature of healthcare facility remediation, abatement, demolition and construction requires the utmost care and attention in Infection Control Risk and Assessment (ICRA) procedures, establishing reliable and adequate containment, abatement, mitigation and decontamination throughout the process. Additionally, clear communication must be maintained between Winter Environmental and employees and personnel of the healthcare facility. Our staff has been trained and certified by numerous healthcare operations and organizations relating to ICRA and Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). We also stay abreast of all industry trends to best serve our clients.


Federal Government/Military – Local Government

As a leader on the world stage, the federal government demands work and final results that are second to none. From facilities that manufacture top secret military aircraft, to naval bases providing port to any of the ships and equipment to the world’s largest naval fleet, to our nation’s space program and our national response to catastrophic or man-made events, Winter Environmental understands the requirements to perform for these clients. Not only is the work demanding; the process and demand to meet numerous and oft-updated regulations for any federal government job requires capabilities that a team of seasoned veterans can deliver. State and local government agencies have also relied on Winter Environmental to provide expertise in addressing environmental abatement and remediation projects.
Nuclear Decontamination

Nuclear Decontamination

Perhaps like no other industry, the term “nuclear” can create fear or uncertainty with nearly any audience not directly connected with or having a deep breadth of experience with such facilities.U.S. nuclear facilities are aging, and with that age comes the need for upgrading of systems and or remediation of hazardous materials. There was a time when the term “nuclear” signified the cutting edge of technology. In some ways, that thinking remains accurate. Nuclear energy continues to offer a clean and highly efficient method of energy development – but efficiency is lost with antiquated or aging facilities. This is where Winter Environmental answers the call. With personnel deeply trained in the numerous methods of remediation, demolition and upgrading of facility infrastructures and hazardous waste containment, Winter Environmental is seasoned and has the capability to handle nearly any job demanded at nuclear facilities in the United States.


Removal of contaminants such as asbestos and mold, and the removal and installations and infrastructure components including thermal system insulation, tank insulation, structural fireproofing, duct insulation, floor tile and mastic, Transite panels, transite lab hoods, caulking/glazing, and sheetrock, Winter Environmental’s OSHA-certified professionals can meet the needs of any industrial project. For utility companies, Winter Environmental has experience in project work for some of the largest utility companies in the state of Georgia and has been Georgia Power's on-call contractor for over 10 years.

Recognizing the need for change and the contraction of many industrial generation, manufacturing and formulating facilities across the nation, Winter Environmental has provided its abatement and select demolition services at many facilities that have undergone partial or complete decontamination and demolition. Working with owners, prime demolition contractors or CM/EPC Firms, Winter Environmental has conducted asbestos abatement at more than 10 Fossil plants and 15 industrial facilities in the past seven years. Our experience includes work on large-scope industrial and utility jobs involving highly intricate work for nationally known clients including AEP; Duke Power; DAK; Southern Company; Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA); SCANA; and, Dominion Power.

In addition to the work performed, attention and a full understanding of the latest updates to governmental regulations on work performed is an absolute must. In the industrial environment, know-how and an understanding of regulated asbestos materials and handling and laws can dramatically lower the risk of costly litigation. The experience that Winter Environmental brings to the table helps to minimize risk while seeing your project through to completion.



Winter Environmental has a diverse portfolio of projects involving remediation work in commercial and residential facilities. From university dormitories, to apartment buildings, townhomes, and multi-family condominium centers, Winter Environmental understands how to complete work in these locations while minimizing disruptions to daily routines. Often, this work requires second and third shift scheduling and execution, along with weekend work that allows businesses to maintain their operational routine – a routine familiar to Winter Environmental and our ability to execute projects.



Winter Environmental has successfully completed a diverse number of asbestos, lead and mold remediation projects for numerous clients at their educational facilities. For each project, Winter Environmental makes it a priority to work with management to minimize interruptions to the school’s or other facility’s operations. Winter Environmental understands that while work is underway at the facility, the educational agenda and goals of the facility’s staff must not be compromised in any way. Our work is completed safely and timely in a manner to minimize disruption to daily operations.