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ACME Plant

Leeds, AL


Winter Environmental was called upon to provide asbestos and lead dust decontamination services to the former ACME manufacturing plant in Leeds, AL. The facility was comprised of two structures: A 9,750 sf warehouse containing offices and a 32,640 sf enclosed manufacturing building. The abatement services were necessary to complete in advance of the demolition of both facilities.

Asbestos Abatement
The asbestos was removed within a full containment negative pressure enclosure (NPE). The critical barriers of the NPE were constructed of polyethylene sheeting to isolate the area where
asbestos was located from the surrounding areas.  Air filtration devices (AFD) equipped with HEPA filters were installed to create the necessary negative pressure gradient to minimize
fiber migration from the work area to the surrounding areas. In addition, a personnel decontamination unit was constructed at the entrance to the work area for decontaminating the workers
and tools before exiting the work area.

Lead Abatement
Winter Environmental conducted lead decontamination of all building components and contents incorporating dry and wet cleaning techniques. The cleaning was followed with the segregation of waste streams and off-site recycling/disposal.
HEPA vacuuming was used to remove lead particulate matter.



Asbestos abatement Lead dust abatement Pre-demolition
Project Value$539,903
Performance Period103 days
Man Hours6,550
Recordable Incidents0