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Atlanta Public Schools

Atlanta Public SchoolsCarver High School

Winter Environmental performed mold remediation, cleansing and sanitation of contaminated surfaces for F.L. Stanton Elementary and Carver High School, in the Atlanta Public School system.

For each project, Winter Environmental’s team implemented a customized plan for completing the work while maintaining ongoing communication with any and all persons affected by work at the school.
F.L. Stanton Elementary
Winter Environmental eliminated visible mold contamination from the surface of CMU block walls within the school’s classrooms. In addition, an inspection and subsequent cleansing and sanitizing of an interior section of metal ductwork above the ceiling in a class room was conducted due to suspected mold contamination.
Carver High School
Winter Environmental responded to an identified mold emergency by containing the school’s classrooms through the construction of a negative pressure enclosure(s). Winter Environmental’s team also removed visible mold contaminated sections of gypsum board walls and insulation from various rooms within the school, ensuring that no remaining contamination existed.

Coan Middle School 
Winter Environmental cleaned and sanitized the surfaces of various pieces of furniture, band equipment and other band related items. In addition, the Winter team cleaned and decontaminated wall surfaces containing visible mold contamination and cleaned/decontaminated CMU walls, window frames, and HVAC units (including diffusers).
Howard High School
Winter Environmental cleaned, sanitized, and decontaminated all surfaces contaminated with visible mold in the Military Department Building on the Howard Campus. Winter’s team visually inspected hundreds of paper files for potential mold contamination and determined whether the files were salvageable or needed to be discarded. Files identified to be discarded were secured and properly shredded in accordance with Atlanta public Schools guidelines. Areas of the building requiring more extensive cleaning and remediating were properly sealed until the school could determine how best to remediate the historic building.



Mold Abatement Sanitation On Select Interior Areas
Project Value$6,100,000
Performance Period130
Number of Workers71
Man Hours29,221
Recordable Incidents0