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Brandenberg Merck Albany Abatement

South Georgia


As a subcontractor to Brandenburg Industrial Service Company, Winter Environmental provided asbestos abatement throughout 11 structures on this 1,000 acre, former pharmaceutical facility located in Albany, Georgia.

Winter Environmental’s project scope included the abatement of asbestos and other regulated materials, including Universal Waste, throughout 11 structures and ancillary support buildings, 31,100 sf of roofing, 14,220 sf of TSI, 4,800 sf of floor tile and mastic, 4,210 sf of Transite panels and infrastructure and waste treatment and solvent recovery areas.  Asbestos regulated materials included flooring and associated mastic, valve and flange assemblies, thermal systems insulation, tank insulation and wraps, Galbestos siding, roofing materials, Transite panels and glazing and caulking.  A total of approximately 160,000 sf of materials was abated. Universal Waste materials abated included mercury-containing lamps and fluorescent bulbs, thermostats, barometers, light switches, flow meters and batteries.

All asbestos and universal wastes were removed in compliance with the project manual, which exceeded federal, state and local regulations.



Asbestos abatement Select interior demolition
Project Value$654,941
Performance Period78 Days
Number of Workers24
Man Hours7,234
Recordable Incidents0