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Chesapeake Energy Center

Chespeake, Virginia


Winter Environmental recently completed work on this project for the 595 MW, Chesapeake Energy Center in Chesapeake, Virginia. The scope of the work included asbestos abatement of identified asbestos-containing materials.

The asbestos abatement work was comprised of the removal and disposal of friable and non-friable asbestos containing materials from:  Power Units 1, 2, 3 and 4 and the Warehouse, CT–1, CT-3 and CT-5 buildings, turbine offices, Lime Treatment building, Coal Yard Service building, Pump House, Admin building, Shops/Offices building and various buildings with roofing materials.  These materials included caulk, window glaze, roof, roof flashing, floor tile and mastic, pipe insulation, tank insulation, duct insulation, gaskets and Transite siding.

To properly execute the project in a timely manner, Winter Environmental utilized its experience working in challenging conditions. Specifically for this project, such conditions include elevated work areas, mild to cold temperatures with possible humidity, wet weather conditions, and working continually in an environment containing sharp edges and corners.

Winter Environmental provided adequate protective equipment and implemented procedures on-site such as daily safety meetings and intensive reporting of any and all incidents through the duration of the project.

Winter Environmental also secured the work areas completely at the end of each day, keeping the area free of accumulated waste and construction debris. These practices are standard for Winter Environmental and help to ensure its industry-leading reputation for safety.



Asbestos abatement Removal of critical systems/insulation throughout the facility
Project Value: $899,640
Completion Date: July 28, 2015
Man Hours: 22,538
Self-Performed: 100%
Recordable Incidents: 0