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CHOA – Egleston


Winter Environmental is providing ongoing asbestos abatement services at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston and Scottish Rite hospitals located in Atlanta, Georgia.
The project scope includes the abatement of asbestos-containing floor tile and and associated mastic. All work is being performed under full containment in order to provide a negative air containment inside the buildings. Wet methods have been utilized to further control asbestos and dust emissions during the work. Care has been taken to ensure that the HEPA exhaust from the air filtration devices was vented to the outside of the building and to areas that would not compromise the adjacent Children’s Hospital and cancer treatment buildings air intake, and infectious control risk assessments (IRCA) protocols were implemented to minimize the potential of cross-contamination of occupied institutional spaces.
This project requires detailed coordination between the hospital personnel, Emory University, the general contractor, the asbestos oversight consultant and Winter Environmental.

Streets, sidewalks, hospital entrances and parking areas had to be re-routed in order to accommodate project activities and to minimize any disruption of services to the hospital’s operations. Noise pollution is also a concern and steps are taken to incorporate noise attenuation measures in our demoli? on methods.



Asbestos abatement
Project Value:$512,000
Performance PeriodOngoing
Manhours to date30,100
Number of workers6 to 12 per project