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Clemson University – Lee Hall

Clemson, South Carolina

This nine month long project started in September 2010 and completed in June 2011, involved providing asbestos abatement and interior demolition services in the 50,000 sf Architectural College Building on the Clemson University campus in conjunction with the renovation of the building by Holder Construction.

The asbestos abatement involved removing approximately     17,300 sf of floor tile and mastic, 12,500 sf of drywall and     16,000 lf of thermal systems insulation in four phases. The asbestos abatement work was completed under full containment as per South Carolina state regulations mandate; i.e. installation of two layers of 6 mil plastic sheeting over all openings to the outside followed by 6 mil plastic wall sheeting on floors and 4 mil plastic sheeting on walls. Negative pressure was applied by installing 2000 CFM HEPA filtered negative air machines, wet methods, suits and HEPA filtered, half face respirators and a five stage decontamination chamber to enter and exit the containment. The HEPA filtered, negative air was vented to the outside to prevent asbestos from migrating to other areas of the building. All asbestos containing materials were double bagged in 6 mil plastic bags, loaded out through the equipment decon, and placed in a poly lined enclosed, lockable 40 cy dumpster for transportation and disposal by Waste Management at their Palmetto landfill located in Wellford, SC.

The asbestos abatement was monitored by the owner’s South Carolina licensed inspector and air monitor. All areas were cleaned, visually inspected by the inspector, and an air clearance was provided by the owner’s air monitor by TEM methods.

Upon completion of the environmental remediation work, we removed most the remaining interior finishes and building systems in order to allow the installation of all new interior building systems and finishes by the general contractor and their subcontractors. The items that underwent demolition included remaining walls, floors and ceilings and all mechanical, electrical and plumbing.

Due to time constraints, this project was phased so that the renovation work by the general contractor could occur in some parts of the building upon completion of our work.



Interior Demolition Asbestos Abatement
Project Value: $357,760
Performance Period: 10 Months
Number of Workers: 20
Man Hours: 7,100
Self-Performed: 100%
Recordable Incidents: 0