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Northcreek Building 100

Atlanta, Georgia


Winter Environmental provided asbestos abatement and interior demolition services to six floors in this occupied, eight-story, Class A office building located in Atlanta, Georgia. This challenging project also involved working around the tenant-occupied first and fifth floors and abatement of the elevator shaft on weekends in order to maintain elevator access to the occupied floors during normal business hours.

The project scope involved the removal of asbestos-containing fireproofing from the structural steel and floor decking on each floor. This was accomplished under full containment, utilizing
negative pressure, wet methods, polysheeting enclosures and personnel and equipment decontamination chambers. The HVAC units and all HVAC ducts were dismantled, cleaned and tested by using micro-vacuum dust testing methods to ensure cleanliness.

The demolition scope included all ceilings, walls, flooring, lights, electrical conduit, HVAC flex duct and plumbing on each floor. A construction debris chute was erected from the eighth floor down to the first floor to facilitate debris removal from the building directly into 30 cy containers. Upon completion of the demolition, Cafco Blaze Shield® fireproofing was reapplied to the structure and the floor decking, in accordance with the local fire code. The sprinkler systems were reconfigured and in some cases, replaced. Fire cabinets were demolished and the HVAC system was re-energized to provide HVAC to each floor.

Abatement and demolition totals included approximately 300,000 sf of drywall, 120,000 sf of fireproofing, 100,000 sf of carpet, 25,000 sf of floor tile and 12,000 lf of HVAC duct demolition.
In addition, 9,600 lf of duct was cleaned and 120,000 sf of refireproofing was performed. Detailed coordination with the owner and the existing tenants was required in order to complete the project in a timely manner and maintain a safe working environment for the building tenants.



Asbestos Abatement
Select Demolition
Cleaning and Refireproofing

Project Value: $1,351,000
Performance Period: 250 Days
Number of Workers: 25
Man Hours: 10,000
Self-Performed: 100%
Recordable Incidents: 0