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Oatland Island

Savannah, Georgia

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In the early 1900s, the US Public Health Service Centers For Disease Control (CDC) used this former federal facility to perform malaria research. During the course of research, waste materials were disposed of in trenches excavated on the property. In the 1980s the site was deeded to the Chatham County Board of Education and converted to a natural wildlife and education center.

Through a contract vehicle funded by the Air Force and managed by an Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence (AFCEE) contractor, Winter Environmental characterized, excavated and disposed of 5,000 tons of DDT-contaminated soil from the Oatland Island Education Center in Savannah, Georgia.

This project faced the challenge of excavating the impacted soils and removing, then replacing a log cabin constructed in the 1700s. The excavated soils were characterized, profiled, manifested, and loaded onto trucks for transport to a permitted hazardous waste incinerator for disposal.

Winter Environmental identified, evaluated, and negotiated waste transportation and disposal options and saved the client more than $1.0 MM on the project by negotiating a disposal option promulgated by NAFTA and disposing of the waste at an approved and permitted incinerator in Canada. Following the excavation of the contaminated soil, the site was backfilled by placing soil in the excavation at predetermined lifts and compacted. The cabin and ancillary structures were placed in their original locations.



Soil Remediation
Historic Structure Relocation
Site Restoration

Project Value$2,800,000
Performance Period63 Days
Number of Workers15
Man Hours1,200
Recordable Incidents0